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When No One Gets You

Recently, my husband and I were invited to a baptism celebration in the home of our Colombian friends. At first, we seemed to fit in perfectly, talking,

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Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Have you ever turned down an opportunity or, gave up pursuing something you really wanted to do because you felt you weren’t ready or good enough? I sure did. In fact, just recently, I almost said no to

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A Big, Huge, Warm Thank You!!!

As I’m writing to you, I’m trying to find just the right words to express my gratitude to you. You know, there are no true profound words that can describe

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Make a Difference For a Special Day In a Child’s Life

Two weeks ago, I set foot in a country I knew very little about. My husband’s friend Hamid, who moved to Nicaragua four years ago, told us about the mountains, the climate and that he lived in a modest neighborhood. … Continue reading

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