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“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

In Brief

Are you at a point in your life where you feel stuck? You are where you always wanted to be but somehow life has become a comfortable routine. It’s the perfect time to bring some excitement into your life! Discover yourself through inspirational life stories from ordinary people that are not so ordinary, just like you.  Stay Hungry Be Foolish is about finding a meaning in our lives and pursuing it. Recognizing the dogmas and the bias that were imposed upon us and letting them go. We all have the ability to accomplish so much more by making small changes. We need to learn how to remove the clutter that keeps us stagnant so we can be in harmony with our surroundings and continue to evolve.

Extended Version

Who this blog is not for

People who want ordinary and think that tomorrow will bring changes through some unexpected turn of event. If you are satisfied with your lifestyle and want to remain stagnant, then this blog is definitely not for you.

Who this blog is for

People who over time have buried themselves in certain beliefs. Who have build a comfortable nest through the habits and behaviors they have gathered from their outside influences. If you feel bored, frustrated and bitter, then maybe you never realized that you have done this to yourself with the choices you have made. If you are ready and want to experience new things and change your framework whether in your workplace or personal life, then this blog is for you. If you want to make changes, gain confidence and reach your full potential, follow Stay Hungry Be Foolish.

What will you get?

There are a number of reasons why we grow too comfortable and become easily satisfied in our lives. This blog will feature real life experiences which will bring forth a message that will focus on allowing you to understand, recognize and remove the clutters holding you back. Every experience you will read about will inspire and motivate you to taking the first steps in trying new things. You will gain confidence, knowledge and grow in becoming the person you want to be. You might not know it but you have the potential to unleash yourself, reconnect with your true passion and improve your relationships with friends and family!

Some of the stories that will be shared will touch you and you will be able to relate to the message. I strongly encourage you to not only read the posts, but, take the first baby step in doing and committing… You will be so proud and happy you did!

If you need support to make a change

If you need a little push (or a big one) to identify what’s blocking you in achieving your dream, I’m currently taking on new one-on-one coaching clients. My free eBook will provide you with guidance in taking the first step to reinvent yourself.

Sharing is important

Share any of the stories with someone you know who may be going through a similar situation. It will inspire and give them the motivation they need to move forward. You will be contributing in making a difference in someone’s life; it is the most rewarding feeling!

If you have an interesting story that could help others I am interested in hearing it. Please contact me so we can schedule an interview.

How do I help support this website and its community?

After each post, you are invited to provide your comments and share your own stories with others.  You can also hit the button of your favorite social media at the end of each post.  By liking the site, you will contribute to spread the news and help others make a change in their lives.  Share the website link and tell your family and friends what you are getting from it.  Whatever way you decide to help support the site, your kindness is appreciated.

How can I follow you so I don’t miss any new posts and stories?

You can receive all new articles straight to your inbox email by subscribing to our newsletter.  All you have to do is put your email address in the box to the right of this page.

What does Stay Hungry Be Foolish mean?

Stay Hungry:

  • Staying open to new ideas, always be curious to know more and strive to learn something new everyday
  • Reconnecting with yourself and keeping your passions alive
  • Wanting to understand and change beliefs that limit and hold you back from achieving your life purpose or a certain goal

Be Foolish:

  • Having the courage to do things that go against the norm, be comfortable when being perceived as weird
  • Letting go of fear, resentment, physical and emotional clutters, anger, revenge…
  • Having the determination to do what you want and face all obstacles. Not taking “NO” for an answer

Who is Antonia Lo Giudice?

Interview of Antonia Lo Giudice with Chuck Rylant

From a very young age, I have been constantly faced with the unknown and having to overcome obstacles.

  • Being the only kid in the first grade who couldn’t speak English or French (Both languages are obligatory where I grew up in the province of Quebec, Canada). I had skipped kinder garden, my parents did not see any added value in sending me. So, I fell behind the other kids who were also of Italian background.
  • Getting myself in school plays and variety shows even though I did not make the cut by not taking no for an answer.
  • Having to support my family at a very young age because of family crisis.
  • Traveling around Europe without having a place to stay.
  • Changing jobs after many years of being at the same company. Starting in a completely new field from the bottom level.
  • Working myself up to a management position, enrolled in communication, leadership, coaching courses.
  • Throughout the last ten years, these lessons helped me guide individuals in realizing their strengths, gain confidence, grow and develop into succeeding at something they never dreamed possible.

I have been so blessed in my life to have been surrounded by people who believed in me and guided me; teachers, family, friends, colleagues… With this blog, I will give back all the knowledge and experience I have acquired to you. We all need some encouragement at some point to take that first step to uncover all the energy and value buried inside each of us.

Stay Hungry Be FoolishMy name is Antonia Lo Giudice and Stay Hungry Be Foolish is my new home. I’m the creator and writer on this site. In following my heart, I recently let go of everything, moved and am currently traveling to resource myself. I have embarked on this journey with my husband and together we seek people who can teach us about human behavior through their life stories. My interests are running, training, traveling, learning new things, reading and meeting people from all slate of society.


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