Celebrating Love of All Kinds

Just like it’s the many petals that make a rose beautiful and let it give its perfume to the world, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and be grateful for the many loves in our lives that shape the person we are and lets us give our inner perfume to the world.

So, I’m taking this day as an opportunity to express the immense love I feel for my family, friends, and clients – both near and far and for my readers (including you).

Also, to express my appreciation to every person who has touched me with their support, kindness, wisdom and made my life a little easier with even the smallest of acts; thank you for letting me be me. You realized I wasn’t perfect; you never expected me to be and accepted me for it.

You never ridiculed my craziness and my goofiness; you welcomed it, whether through my blog posts, coaching sessions, conferences or social gatherings. You joined in on it and we shared our laughter together.

Most of all, by welcoming me in parts of your heart that were fearful and sorrowful, you helped me to connect with my dark parts of my heart. In our connection, we found comfort.

You supported and cheered on my triumphs. But, most importantly you lifted my spirits and walked with me through my struggles.

You brought out the best in me and helped shape the person I am today!

Valentine’s day is also a celebration of self love; loving yourself for being you. Through loving yourself comes a pure, selfless love for others without any expectations, attachment or benefit. You’re free to experience love without boundaries and live your most joyful life.

Sending you all my love


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2 Responses to Celebrating Love of All Kinds

  1. Andrey says:

    thanks for your beautiful message. Love is on the way.

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