Are You Causing Your Unhappiness?

causing your unhappiness

Last weekend my family and I got together to prepare and enjoy an afternoon meal at my mom’s. All of a sudden, my mom dropped what she was doing, ran over to my niece, who was peeling potatoes, and yelled, “What are you doing? Don’t peel them that thick, just remove the skin. You’re wasting all the potatoes and there won’t be enough for everyone.”

It reminded me of my first potato peeling experience as a child. It wasn’t just with potatoes. My mom made sure we always had plenty by paying attention to the little that we had.

When she sewed our clothes, she would always add an extra hem to pants, skirts and dresses. This way, as my brothers, my sister and I grew taller, all she had to do was undo the hem and we could continue wearing them for the next couple of years. I remember wearing pants with three sets of white lines across the bottom where the hem had been sewed and later adjusted to our height.

When the groceries were delivered to the house, she kept and placed the cardboard boxes in the garage where we were sent off to play with them. We didn’t have toys to play with, we had cardboard boxes. How excited we got to transform those boxes into street buses, forts and musical instruments. We could play for hours inventing scenarios by cutting and building whatever we wanted with the boxes. We never felt we had less than the others who had toys. We never knew what the other kids had or didn’t have and so, we just looked forward to the day the groceries were delivered.

That afternoon, as my niece carefully peeled the potatoes, we laughed and I told her about the clothes and cardboard boxes incidences. She listened with a deep interest and said, “WOW. Today, we really don’t pay attention to the little things anymore. Maybe we would be much happier if we did, instead of throwing things out so easily.”

Hmmmm, she had just said something powerful which raised a question worth pondering over.

What if we have been peeling off and discarding our inner BEING? Could this be the cause for our unhappiness?

Sometimes, when we look at our lives; who we are, the situation we’re in or our relationships, many of us feel like life just hasn’t been going our way. We start thinking, “how did I get here? This is not the way it was supposed to be!” We see the cardboard boxes (our current situation) and feel disappointment, defeated and in despair. Our life no longer has meaning because all we have is a cardboard box and by now we were supposed to have all the latest and greatest toys. We see the cardboard box as useless and meaningless and throw it away, never realizing the immense joy and abundance available in the box. We seek joy in things we lack by comparing who we are or our situations with others. Somehow, it’s never enough because there’s always someone who’s doing better than us and has more than we do. So, the search for joy, peace and freedom never ends.

So, what are we supposed to do? Did something go terribly wrong along the way?

Maybe these are the wrong questions to ask. Let’s try asking questions that will point us in a completely different direction.

What if we no longer compared ourselves to anyone? What if we no longer had the memory of our education on what we should or should not do or, what we should or should not be to be happy and successful?

What would take place in our mind?

If we go into these questions deeply and profoundly, we may find that our complete attention would be focused on who we are in the present moment. When our minds are free of thoughts about the past and worries about the future, something takes place within us which brings about a different clarity and energy. One that comes from BEING instead of the constant conflict and battle about BECOMING this or that.

That BEING comes to life when we let go of comparing ourselves to others and most importantly, let go of comparing ourselves from who we are to who we want to be. That is, the resistance of who and where we are now because of the chatter in our minds of who and where we would rather be.

So, if we stopped comparing ourselves, wouldn’t we would just BE and

No longer consider our lives “boring”

No longer consider ourselves, “not good enough to…”

No longer think, “It’s too late to…”

No longer consider ourselves as failures

And all the rest of it?

As we let go of thoughts that come from a source of comparison, we accept totally who we are now and gain a tremendous clarity on decisions and actions to move forward without any conflict.

We are in perfect harmony with our BEING, with who we really are, with our “cardboard box”. In doing so, we are free from all illusions of who we should or should not be. In that freedom, we connect with an internal wisdom, an intelligence that does not come from our thoughts. We move forward by taking decisions and actions that will come from a source of peace, joy and love. We would no longer be limited by false beliefs which blind us in seeing our extraordinary abilities. Mistakes and falls will no longer be failures. They will not block us by perceiving them as problems. They will all be perceived as opportunities as we keep moving forward. Results will come beyond anything we could imagine, in abundance. From this abundance, we will contribute in making a difference in the lives of others because we will no longer be in competition with anyone. Therefore, our actions will never intentionally hurt anyone to achieve success.

When we’re in harmony with our BEING, we’re ONE with nature and other BEINGS.

Do not take this as a “to do” concept and accept it to achieve something which you feel you’re lacking in your life. Find your own deep energy within and see what takes place. No one can do that for you. Only you can. Whatever change you are seeking in your life, can only take place from within yourself first. The seed of your potential is already within you (card board box). Watch it as if you’re seeing it for the first time without any distraction from thoughts of comparison. You’ll be amazed at what you can build and create from it!

Will you consider asking these questions of yourself? I would love to hear your experience from this.

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