Is Your Life Total Chaos?

My life is total chaos

Is your life total chaos?

I’ve received a few comments from readers saying that although my posts are inspiring, their life is totally different. I gathered some of the comments and created the following scenario.

Does it sound familiar?

My life wasn’t supposed to be this way. If I worked hard at having a great job, have a family, getting the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, by now I was supposed to have a spectacular life! I did ALL that, I have ALL those things, yet my life is total chaos!

When I was in University, I stopped doing the things I loved to do and focused on being the top student to make sure I would have a good job.

I got a job in a big reputable corporation. At first, I felt on top of the world. I figured, by working hard I would move my way up the corporate ladder. I was told, “You’re on our list.” I put in the long hours, took on multiple projects and got involved in company activities. But my efforts and time were going unnoticed. I got passed over for a promotion on several occasions. I found myself working towards the company’s objectives, not MINE! For others, this was the normal thing to do. For me, my dream just moved further away…

I thought about making a change. But then I met my husband. I put it off to get married.  A year later, I got pregnant. A year after that, we had another baby along the way. Now, with three kids, I have a responsibility and can’t leave my job. There are bills to pay, a mortgage, two cars, saving to put three kids in university. Forget about traveling and doing the things I loved to do.

My day begins at 5:00 AM. I’m rushing with making breakfast and getting the kids to school. I sit at my desk at 8:00 AM. From that moment till 5:00 PM, I’m constantly putting out fires! I always cater to urgent unplanned requests. I get home at night and it’s like another day begins. There is so much to do and it all needs my immediate attention at once. The homework, the supper, the laundry, the dishes in the sink, the lunches for the next day, a pile of clothes that need ironing, sorting out all the bills that need to get paid, the kids soccer, ballet and hockey practice… My husband and I hardly see each other. When we do, we argue or vent about all the things that need to get done.

I feel tired and exhausted every moment of the day. To add to this, why is it that when I am driving, everyone keeps cutting me off and I’m always caught at red lights? Why is it that as soon as I’m waiting at a checkout counter, there’s always someone in front of me who holds up the line? I don’t have time for any of this! There’s always something that either needs fixing or immediate attention. Either my car breaks down, I get a flat tire, I get a parking ticket, the toilet gets blocked, the roof is leaking, the kids are fighting, or they break a glass and it needs to get cleaned up.

I am at the mercy of chance. There’s nothing I can do to make all these things stop and gain control over my life again. Will I ever get a break?

After reading this, did you resonate with any of it? Did you think, “I know how this person feels?”

If you feel your life is in chaos right now, if you feel overwhelmed and believe there’s nothing you can do to regain balance, it’s not TRUE! There is hope!

Let Go of Controlling Our Life

Most of us have a vision for our life and we set goals, which is great! Sometimes, we end up trying to control our life and how every little thing will happen. It’s important to know what you want and take action towards achieving it, but we also need to let go of knowing exactly how everything will happen. If not, we only end up filling our mind with thoughts about the past or the future. These thoughts create our chaos in our minds by letting negative emotions of fear, anxiety, worry, and anger take control of our decisions and actions.

Being Conscious of Our Thoughts

The more we become conscious of our thoughts and negative emotions and practice to understand why we have them, confront them and let them go, the more we experience present moment awareness. This allows us to accept that all our experiences are part of our life journey. We gain patience, strength and courage to react less negatively in difficult situations and trust our own intuition. We begin to have clarity on solutions, which are right in front of us.

Letting Go of the Victim Mindset

By letting go of a victim mindset, we gain a wisdom and knowledge from our experience and mistakes because we are open to learning the profound message that is being given to us. In learning this message we grow to become and live a life we never thought possible!

You’re probably thinking, “This all sounds great. But, it’s easier said than done!” Well, I couldn’t agree with you more! I thought so too. It took me years to make the change I wanted in my life, doing something I never thought possible. If you look back, you’ll probably remember something you’ve done which you thought you’d never be able to do and say, “WOW! I can’t believe I actually did it!”

In The Life Makeover Workshop , we will take a deeper dive in waking up the “Genius” that is already within you. Each one of these points, along with many others, will be broken down to give you a practical guide and direction to transform any part of your life to a new experience of freedom. If you’re in Montreal on Saturday September 27th and are serious about changing your life, be sure to join us. You can register here.

It would be my pleasure to meet you in person.

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2 Responses to Is Your Life Total Chaos?

  1. Antonia says:

    Hi Chas,

    If you could make Montreal, it would be a privilege to have your presence. You always share valuable thoughts with everyone:) Thanks for sharing this important point. Yes, obtaining the life one desires is a continuous striving process!

  2. Chas says:

    Yes, I can relate. If I could make Montreal, I would. I know it is easier said, than done, but, one must continue striving to obtain the life one desires. “Make every effort to remove internal habits of pessimism, negativity, judgement, complaints, gossip, cynicism, resentment and fault-finding from your vocabulary and your inner dialogue. Replace these with optimism, love, acceptance, kindness and peace as your way of processing your world and the people in it.”~ Wayne W. Dyer, Manifest Your Destiny.