Standing Out From a Crowd

standing out from a crowd

It had been a little over an hour that the five of us went out for a walk in nature. Three of us decided to rest and admire the beauty around us. All of a sudden, as we were sitting under a tree, we heard the other two yelling out at us, “Come here, and hurry! You have to see this, it’s so amazing!”

We ran over to them. When we got there, both had their cameras out, snapping pictures of it from all angles. WOW, it truly was spectacular. The only tree amongst hundreds in acres and acres of land with bright red leaves.

There we were, all five of us with our cameras, wanting to capture this beauty.

Later that afternoon, while we were having lunch at the ranch, one of the girls took out her camera to show the tree to Hugo, the owner of the ranch. “Look at this tree” she said, “Did you know it was out there?” Hugo laughed, “Yes, of course. It’s been out there for years.” As she kept looking at the picture, she commented, “Poor tree, it must be so lonely and out of place being so different than all the other trees around it.” Hugo replied,

“Not at all. If it had been like all the other trees, you would not have noticed it.”

“While all the other trees have the same beauty, standing tall with their full grown green leaves, no one ever stops to take pictures and talk about them.

being different

This is the only tree that had the courage and confidence to be different and let its unique beauty shine.  It stands out from the others and has everyone who comes to visit running to it to take pictures. In the 20 years that I have been on this ranch, it’s the only tree that has been able to fill so many people with excitement and happiness. It will continue to generate admiration and be remembered by so many for being special and unique.”

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