The Art of Gift Giving

The Art of Gift Giving

Giving the perfect gift. The anticipation of the person’s reaction until the moment they unwrap the gift. Your hoping they will have a surprised look on their face, a joy and maybe shed a few tears.

But, what if they don’t like it?

Gift giving is an art if we consider both the gift and emotion that it will produce for the receiver.

We have all been there, going crazy, not knowing what gift to get for the special people in our lives. Sometimes, we resort to basing a monetary value on the gift to express its meaningfulness. The more we spend on the gift, the more likely the receiver will appreciate it. Is this really what connects the emotions that the person will feel towards the gift?

As I think back on all the gifts I have ever received, there are a few that I still remember to this day. I can still feel the same emotions of joy, appreciation and love, as I did when I first received them.

You see, the people who gave me these gifts, all did one very important thing when choosing the gift. They paid attention to me! Their gift, in some way conveyed a special emotion of appreciation for me.

It told a story of the value of our relationship and further strengthen it.

  • A bottle of wine with a bottle of 7-UP. I still remembering opening it and laughing till I had tears. A group of colleagues got together to select this as a birthday gift. It couldn’t have been more perfect. You see, we had shared so many memories of getting together where I would be the only one that mixed 7-UP with my wine.
  • Tickets to the Céline Dion concert. I had missed her last concert because the tickets had sold out in less than an hour. The day I held those tickets in my hand, I was speechless. I knew what the person went through to get those tickets just for me.
  • A framed poem that my team had written to express their emotions during the time we had been together. Their words were priceless, detailing every moment and how I had touched their lives.
  • A hand made card by my niece and nephew. One of the cards had a hand drawn picture of me, with the words, “I love Zia (aunty) Toni.”
  • Homemade cupcakes decorated with an icing in a shape of a heart with my name on it, baked by my nieces. They were the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.

I think you get the point. When selecting a unique gift for someone who holds a special place in your life, let it tell a story that will build the relationship. Let it express your emotions of appreciation for the other person.

When it comes from the heart , the value will be worth so much more than the price tag.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to give the people around you this special gift. Giving the gift of love and appreciation for having them in your life, is something you can do daily and does not need gift wrapping. What do you value most about the people in your life? Let them know in a meaningful way. Paying attention to the little things, what the other person says or does when you are together, shows that you appreciate and value them. It will strengthen the relationship and create a magical happiness.

Your turn. What is the most valuable gift you ever received? Why was it valuable for you? If you enjoyed the article, click the “Like” button.

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4 Responses to The Art of Gift Giving

  1. I love meaningful gifts because they come straight from the heart. When I feel pressured to buy people gifts because it’s that time of year (birthday, holiday) I end up giving them something they could easily live without, and I don’t like the simple exchange of “stuff” from one hand to the next, just because it’s expected. So this year the adults in my family decided not to exchange Christmas gifts, and just focus on the children. I was able to be more creative and get them some gifts from smaller neighborhood stores, and give them items that they will hopefully keep for years to come. To me, the most meaningful gift was no gift at all!

    • Antonia says:

      Hi Lillian,

      I hear you! I think at some point we have all ended up doing the same:) Thank you for sharing with us:)

  2. jean kukla says:

    One of the most meaningful gifts I think is friendship which you gave me; I really appreciate it…all the best to you Antonia! Happy hollidays:) I’m so glad to know you!!

    • Antonia says:

      Hi Jean,

      Friendship is a very meaningful gift, I am so grateful for your friendship as well:)

      Thanks Jean, it is really nice to hear:)