5 Life Changing Lessons to Live By

5 Inspiring Life QuotesHave you ever observed a person’s response to an insult, a criticism, when they made a mistake that left you with your mouth wide opened?

Then, you think, “WOW, how can this person not get upset?”

Suddenly, you reflect and get stimulated to change your response in similar situations.
Sometimes, we cross paths with people in our day-to-day lives that inspire us to see things differently. So much so, that we not only become more positive, we start to make a difference in other’s lives as well.
This post is a list of inspirational quotes from people I’ve met around the world: lessons in which they live by. They have the potential to inspire, encourage and spark something inside of you, just as it has done for me.
Many of us struggle silently through life and feel stuck. Sometimes other’s experiences can help us open our minds to alternative solutions, choices and behaviors towards those struggles.

  1. “Recognition is a mean to the end of an act. Acting for personal growth has no end” – Fabian from Argentina
  2. “It is not rewarding competing alone. It leads to wanting more without having anyone to share it with” – Cornelia from Sweden
  3. “Every human being has a story that can enrich our lives. Especially the ones that when you first look at, you might have walked away” – Christine from France
  4. “When your work is a vocation, you aim to be of value. When your work is an occupation, you aim to be a success” – Julia Founder of Instituto Profesional Helen Keller in Chile
  5. “Feeling pain is a good sign. It reminds us that we’re alive” – Romulo; Amazon jungle guide in Ecuador

And here’s a bonus one!

  • People listen carefully! It is important that you follow the signs, NOT the people. You are not all going to the same destination” – Security agent at Pearson Toronto airport (Canada)

How do these lessons stimulate you to an alternative response in a given situation? Please share any personal inspirations you’ve had that made a positive change in your life. We can all benefit from your resources, especially me:)

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2 Responses to 5 Life Changing Lessons to Live By

  1. Chas says:

    As I commented on the original post, the quote from Julia, in Chile, is one that has stuck with me and one which I find helpful to refer back to. Her story is one of my favorites on your blog.

  2. jean kukla says:

    Very good point Antonia! I really like the way you point out how you can make a difference in other people’s lives by stubbornly being positive; it’s soo true!You see it in everyday situations! Gracias!