Looking Young or Embracing Aging Gracefully! How Do We Define Beauty?

Definition of beauty

“You should get some plastic surgery done while you’re in South America” my friends said. “It’s really cheap here! Almost everyone does it, looking younger is a must.”

Beauty is a wonderful thing! It makes us feel good. But why do we feel the need to want to look younger than we are?

This question has recently popped in my mind after a conversation with a group of friends.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Who am I to judge whether this type of surgery is a bad thing or not? I believe that when we take care of ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually, it becomes easier to keep a positive attitude towards those around us. What I don’t understand is why we base our beauty definition on looking younger? For some of us, it’s to the point where we end up getting stuck on our past. If we could, we would go back in time to our youth.

The next morning, as I was having my cup of coffee in my apartment, I couldn’t help but notice that the owner kept antiques and old collectibles. He had everything from cameras, telephones, typewriters, antique table and even sewing machines.

Embracing Aging Gracefully: Beauty Redefined

I sat there thinking how people put so much importance in looking younger. Meanwhile, they put a lot more value in things that are old rather than new.

Later that night, I asked the owner: Why do people collect antiques and what makes antiques so valuable?

He replied:

It’s an amazing opportunity to get connected with history and to learn about it. One gets an appreciation for history and for the people of that particular era. I have gained so much in depth knowledge of my ancestors through collecting antiques. When I hold an item that is between 50 to 100 years old in my hand, there’s an excitement that flows through me knowing that there’s so much history behind it. It’s filled with “wisdom” from the people who held it all those years.

The older the object, the more value it will have. A real antique is any object of over 100 years old, anything younger is considered to be a collectible. If an object has been refinished, touched up, repainted, it will lose its value. An antique is considered most beautiful and valuable with the changes that occurred in the aging process. Rarity will add value as well. The more original or one of its kind, the higher its value.

Beauty Redefined

I think we need to redefine beauty. If we embrace every stage of our life, allow ourselves to keep growing from our experiences, instead of evaluating our worthy on physical image, we can hold on to our beauty from the glow and radiance that comes from within. Who you are in your heart, the wisdom and knowledge acquired from living in the present moment will show and shine on your face!

Looking Younger or Embracing Aging Gracefully

We’re just as valuable as antiques in the aging process. The changes that our bodies go through as we get older are all part of our uniqueness and our authenticity. They tell the world, “I’m one of a kind! This is all the value I gained through the years.”

No surgery out there can give you that. If we accept this, we will never lose our value, we will become priceless! If we insist on retouching ourselves, we will lose our authenticity, we will miss out on opportunities that give us our own personal rarity and therefore, we will lose our inner value and beauty!

So, what do you think? How do you define beauty?

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7 Responses to Looking Young or Embracing Aging Gracefully! How Do We Define Beauty?

  1. michele delatour says:

    La beauté!!!! Quand un coeur est beau, il déteint sur tout le reste,… quand un coeur est sublime, il illumine tout ce qui vient à son contact….un coeur beau éblouit au point qu`à un moment on se dit;“ mais c` est une personne X, de tel âge, avec tel physique,…mais le bonheur qu ‘ on tire d`être en cette présence nous fait donner plus de valeur à cette beauté du coeur, nous fait nous ficher des autres attributs physiques, à cause de ce plaisir qu`on en retire qui ne peut s`acheter, si vital, essentiel , naturel ….

  2. Ozer says:

    I think beauty is important, because it is a sign of other things important, like health, fitness, positive attitude. But I would not recommend getting surgery just because it is cheap, it is like taking drugs to mask symptoms rather than real healing. I am more impressed by natural beauty when it is the direct result of health, fitness, and what I call “inner power”, which might as well come with age and wisdom. I see healthy, vibrant people 60+ ages, and vibrant and beautiful, even sexy, without any need to fake their ages. I see such people in raw vegan diet community. See Mimi Kirk at age 73 (youngonrawfood.com) or Storm Talifero at age 63 on rawveganwarrior.com . And then see Valeria Lukyanova , aka “Ukranian Barbie Doll”, in her 20’s. Yes, with enough surgery and money, every women may look like Barbie, and every men like Ken, but what’s the point? We’re not dolls, we are individual human beings, with flaws and all… (Listen in the background: “You are beautiful, no matter what they say…” from Christina Aguilera) And don’t forget: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  3. Antonia says:

    Hi Steve

    Absolutely! Totally agree:)

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  5. Steve says:

    I think you’re on to something with your new definition of beauty. There’s more to it than just outward appearance. By focusing solely on that, you miss a huge part of what makes you up. I’ve met many outwardly beautiful people before, but who have had terrible personalities. Some so bad that I just didn’t really want to be around them. Than there are some people who just have an engaging personality and are so fun to be around that you can’t help but want them in your life. That’s something you can’t get from surgery.

  6. Anick says:

    We had an exercise given to us when i used to be in art school: create the “ugliest” art object we could. You end up in front of a blank canevas with that assignment to fulfill, you are asking yourself : ” what is beautiful? what is ugly? And it turned to be different for each artist, according to his perception and background. For some it was a painting badly executed by the student. For another it was a tacky chinese restaurant picture done on black velvet ( remember those?). Another was a violent gory theme. Another was an ugly monster face…etc
    As you can see it was not an easy assignment. Not because of the making part but because of the thinking part. And its the same when it comes to defining beauty or ugliness with people. I’m into baladi dancing lately and i can assure you that older experienced belly dancers give a lot more of that beauty experience than the young dancers! ( checkout Dina the egyptian on youtube) They have a certain generosity, like they are giving out their heart to the public without expecting anything in return. Like mothers do! What is more beautiful than the tender look of a mother upon her child? I find it as beautiful as the child itself. Yet not for the same reasons. Can i say here that, honestly, although youth is somthing that brings joy to my eyes, maturity makes me half smile when I look at a young sexy everthing standing up defying gravity model ( we could call them ” molds”) Altough they feel good about the way people see them and how they see themselves, in my head, i remember being young; i feel for them and what they have to go through until they finally let go. I have found beauty when i stopped seeking to please. Its so much clearer, the beauties around us, when you can look hear smell taste and feel without wondering about other people’s perception of you and your gougounes/badhairday look. You pull up your wrinkled smile and think ” if only you knew!..”

  7. Enza says:

    Beautifully said Antonia, there is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves aesthetically, it makes us feel good. However, we shouldn’t consume ourselves with looking younger and trying so hard to erase those laugh lines, we should remember how they got there and what a great time we had getting them.