Follow The Signs, Not The People

Follow your inspiration

“You are completely on the opposite direction of where you should be going, how did you end up at this end?”

The couple in front of me just stared at each other, with a confused look on their face.

“How could that be, everyone was going this way.”

The customs agent at the airport smiled and asked, “are you telling me you just followed the people in front of you, did you ask them where they were going?”

“No, we figured this was the only way to go, everyone was going the same way.”

“You need to go back, past security from where you came and keep going straight. There are signs all over the airport, follow the signs that will lead you to your gate.”

Before taking my boarding pass, she stepped forward so that everyone in line could see and hear her. “People, listen carefully! It is important that you follow the signs, not the people. You are not all going to the same destination. Follow the signs to your destination.”

Who is in control of your life? Who will lead you to your own personal, unique destination?

Unfortunately, like the couple in front of me at the airport, for many of us it is other people, society, colleagues, friends… We care so much about what others think, their approval becomes an addiction. We are afraid to take the route that deep down inside we would really want to take. We give away our power, we prefer to live unhappy and limit ourselves just to be accepted and do what will get us that approval.

People have different destinations in life. They have packed their own baggage for where they are going. If we chose to live solely by the opinions of others, we will end up having gone the wrong way. Through it all, you will end up exhausted and pleasing no one in the process.

Listen to other people’s opinions as a source of information, get educated through their experiences, but, remember to ALWAYS listen to your instincts, listen to your heart, to the signs of the universe and make your own valuable decisions. It is the only way you will reach your own destination. Make your own path towards your journey in life, no matter how bumpy the road, no matter what others think, you will be enriched and happy when you get there.

In the words of that wise agent at the airport; Follow The Signs, Not The People!

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15 Responses to Follow The Signs, Not The People

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  2. michele delatour says:

    There is no reason to fear current ”friends’s rejection” when it is time to depart from them to go follow our destiny,…Life is gracious enough to also give us people who will congradulate us for having done so , encourage , share and inspire us…

  3. michele delatour says:

    There is no reason to fear current ”friends’s rejection” when it is time to depart from them to go follow our destiny,…Life is gracious enough to also give us people who will congradulate us for having done so , encourage , share and inspire us…

  4. Kathrin says:

    Don´t follow the people, follow the signs….

    Wahr und auch nicht wahr! 😉
    Es gibt viele Menschen auf diese Welt, die wegweisend agieren koennen, jedoch auch solche, die einen falsch fuehren.
    Leider trifft dies auch auf die Schilder zu. Nicht immer alle sind hilfreich!!

    Als ich vor Jahren in Dallas, Texas gelebt habe, wollte ich einen Abend in eine typische “cowboybar” gehen, namens Billy Bob´s. Zuhause hatte ich mir genau herausgeschrieben, wie ich fahren muss, um dort auch anzukommen. Als ich jedoch schon auf der interstate war, fiel mir auf, dass ich meine kompletten Aufschriebe daheim liegen gelassen hatte. Zurueck wollte ich nicht mehr, also bin ich ohne Karte die 25 Meilen nach Fort Worth gefahren. Zuerst dachte ich, dass ich dort einfach jemandem nach dem Weg fragen wuerde, aber nachdem ich auf den Strassen ueberhaupt keine Menschen entdeckt habe, wurde mir ein bisschen bange. Am Ende habe ich beschlossen, mich einfach dem naechsten Auto anzuschliessen, in dem jemand mit Cowboyhut sitzt. (was in Texas des oefteren der Fall ist…) Aber diese Gruppe von 2 Maennern und einer Frau hat mich direkt auf den Parkplatz von Billy Bob´s gebracht, weshalb ich sage, man muss mehr seinem Instinkt vertrauen, als zu sagen:
    ich folge nur den Menschen, oder:
    ich folge nur den Schildern!

    Meistens ist ein kleines bisschen von beidem nicht schlecht!!! 😉

    True and not true! 😉
    There are a lot of people in this world, who can be leading towards the right direction I think but there are also the ones that DON´T. Unfortunately this is also true for signs. Not all of them lead the “right way”.

    Many years ago, when I lived in Dallas, Texas, I went out to a Honky Tonk bar called Billy Bob´s. At home I wrote down everything I needed to get there. When I entered the Interstate, I figured that I had forgotten all of my papers and decided to go anyway!
    First I thought I would just ask people in the streets, but since there were no people in the streets I got a little scared after driving 25 miles and not knowing at all, where I was and where I was supposed to be going to…
    In the end I decided to just follow the next car in which I saw people with cowboy hats (which is quite common in Texas…) This group of 2 men and 1 woman brought me straight to the parking lot of Billy Bob´s which is why I say, you rather follow your instincts than ONLY other people OR ONLY signs…

    I think a good combination of both can lead you to wherever you want to go!!!! 😉

    • antonia says:

      Hi Kathrin, Thanks for sharing your story, I think at some point we have all experience “getting lost”, you said it, follow your INSTINCTS!! Absolutely agree!!!! The follow the signs in an airport is an example to follow your instincts and follow your heart in our personal every day life:) I love the way you demonstrate how this worked out for you:)

  5. jean kukla says:

    Once again you grasp very well a perfect example; how very true; I would have followed the crowd as well; I guess it gives you a certain sense of security but it takes away a part of your individuality…Gracias!

    • antonia says:

      Hi Jean, absolutely, it does take away a part of your individuality…hey, but you are able to recognize it, that is amazing:)

  6. antonia says:

    Absolutely Susan!! When others make our decisions, it is not necessarily the things that are important to us:)

  7. Susan says:

    This story is so true… If you follow the crowd you don’t have to make your own decisions. Others will do it for you. If you step out you have to make your own decisions. Than you have to think about the things which are important for you.

  8. antonia says:

    Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for sharing this story!!! It is an excellent example. Your insight is truly valuable:)

    Very inspiring!

  9. Nancy says:

    It reminds of something I read once. In a big city, someone stopped, in front of a tall building, and just stared up. There was absolutely NOTHING to see. After not even a minute, someone else stopped and stared up – and kept staring. After several minutes, a crowd had formed, everyone looking up and it took over 10 min before someone spoke up and said “What is everyone looking at? There’s nothing there!”

    Apparently it’s an experiment that was done in many large cities with almost identical results. When the experiment was done in a small village or town, where everyone knows eachother, it didn’t really work. Since most everyone knows eachother, people are more comfortable in questionning actions done by neighbors.

    This just proves that we have a tendency to follow others, we are resistant in taking our own path – or even questionning why we are following others in the first place. You need to know yourself well, have faith in your capabilities and be able to listen to your instincts to go your own way. It can be scary and overwhelming and difficult to not follow what others want for you, or tell you what to do…but at least going your own way gives you the satisfaction that you’re nobody’s fool, that you know your own mind and what’s best for you – you’re not someone who’ll stand on a busy street staring up at nothing!

    • Jaes Saldanha says:

      Ha ha ha This is indeed so true! People are so comfortable following others and doing what others do… mainly because, it involves no risks…why? someone has been there before..! How scared are we to tread the path where no one has been ? Tjis is the main reason why success eludes us! Thanks so much for the inspiring article!

      • antonia says:

        Absolutely Jaes!! It is a main reason why success elides us! When we follow our own path, it is scary because we will cames across bumpy roads, it is what gives us authenticity!

        Thank You!

  10. Heidi says:

    so FANTASTICALLY true and a great way to remember we always know what we truly want.. I love the analogy ” people pack their own baggage for they are going”. This says it all and sometimes we need to be reminded and snap out of it…to follow our own path. Thank you Antonia