Let Go of Everything, Follow Your Dreams, Make a Difference

Let Go of Everything and Follow Your Dreams

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I sold it all, the house of my dreams, my car and resigned from my job. As I am writing this, I am on my way to Argentina to start a new life. It all started when I suddenly found myself waking up in the morning dreading to go to work. I would hit the snooze button up to three times before slowly sitting up on my bed, dragging one leg at a time on the ground.

Thoughts of what my day would be like were depressing. There is more to life than responding to numerous daily emails and attending never ending meetings with no end result. I wanted to discover, learn new things and contribute all I had to offer.

Follow Your Dreams, Make a Difference

I no longer felt comforted in my house. I observed everything I owned. The classic wood furniture that had taken me three years to pay off, the crystal glasses and fine china stored in the credenza never been used because I was waiting for a special occasion that never came. Did I really need half the clothes in my closet that I had not worn in years? When was the last time I used the second and third sets of pots occupying space in my cupboards? These things that had once been so important to me, had become a burden in my life.

I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. I should have been grateful for everything I had, after all, isn’t this what everyone wants? The comfort of a big house and the security of a good job. Why was I miserable now? Was I being foolish to want to let it all go?

I would not be able to tell you what I was looking for, I had been at my job for so long, I did not know where to go from here.

All I knew was that I was hungry for more

my job no longer satisfied my hunger.

My motivation level started deteriorating. I was stagnant, not growing as a person, and most of all not making a difference in people’s lives. I was frustrated, complaining about the ridiculous requests I received which I felt served no purpose. I became my worst enemy, blaming others for my work environment. Expecting them to change the way things were done, so that coming to work would be exciting. I felt like a prisoner, locked in a cell. Others were holding the key to my freedom. I let my anger, resentment, and frustration dominate my actions.

I went through the painful process of analyzing myself. Realizing that the goals I had set for myself were not aligned with my values. For a while I had satisfaction in achieving these goals.  The satisfaction came from the appraisal I received from people for everything I had.

I started to visualize a whole new avenue  of sharing with the world knowledge I acquired from life experiences.

I became conscious that all the circumstances that caused my frustration had come my way for a reason. I believe that we are not given anything in life that we can not handle. We are handed situations to make us stronger. I know now that the people I was complaining about, had actually come along my path as a guide towards taking a new challenge. The universe was sending me messages, it was time to explore a different direction of my contribution to others. All my negative emotions were preventing me to hear that message.  It was time for me to get out of my comfort zone. I would have never done so had I not been through those circumstances. The universe ensures we face hurdles in our lives to continue to grow. We just need to be attentive to the signs, let go of our fears, insecurities and stop victimizing ourselves.

Let Everything Go and Follow Your Dreams

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would not fully achieve redefining myself  with out letting go of everything that was blocking me. I had put it off long enough, nothing was going to stand in my way now. Waiting for something to happen that would bring value in my life was not an option. Doing so would only mean that I would have to accept what others decided for me. I had to take responsibility and initiative to take action towards what I truly believed in. If I was going to satisfy my hunger, the solution was clear. I wanted to be foolish, stop focusing on everything I would lose, I would gain so much more.

Here is where my journey begins. To an unfamiliar place, along a road that will enrich me as I walk it’s length. Do the thing that I thought I could never do. Gain strength, courage and knowledge as I overcome the challenges I will face along the way towards my dream.

Have you ever felt the same way?  What change would you make in your life if you knew that you would not fail? Share you stories in the comments box below.

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27 Responses to Let Go of Everything, Follow Your Dreams, Make a Difference

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  7. Antonia says:

    Hi Michael

    This is certainly a major leap! Thank you so much for your contribution, very inspiring! Did you go through having to overcome some emotional barriers before taking this leap? I know that following your intuition helps:) Having made the leap myself, I did go through the process of having an awareness of my barriers and standing up to them. Although it was scary, it was so exciting!

  8. I got intuition to move to the Andes in 2010. I had a house and business in Rockville Maryland. My business wasn’t generating enough income to pay the office rent so I closed the office and went virtual. Then working from home I though “I could be doing this anywhere in the world!” After 6 months of my ego not agreeing with moving I took the leap in Jan 2011 and move to La Paz Bolivia initially staying with a friend from the yoga teacher training I did in 200-2010. Since then I have lived and traveled in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Plus USA trips for yoga festivals and rainbow gathering.

    Interestingly now my business is doing better and I am happier. I went back to USA in December to empty my house and sell it (I had roommates there in the meantime helping pay the mortgage and utilities). And sell my car. I had got a strong intuition to do this. In this 15 months of travel I have learned to listen to and follow my intuition. I think in the chaos of the coming “2012” changes this is a useful way to be.

    I have also connected with people more in South America – there is less control and fear here than in USA and everyone seems more contactful – even in shops or restaurants. In many ways people are richer here than in USA even though on average there is less money here there is more social capital and ingenuity and just plain joy.

    Right now I am in Cusco Peru – my intuition strongly said stay here for now. I expect I will travel more later in the year and I have no idea for sure where that will be! Going with the flow is fun for me. I have written about my adventures on my blog.

    Maybe I will bump into you and your husband sometime during our travels. Have a joyful time where ever you are!

  9. Cosimo says:

    Hi Antonia by reading your page and listening to your video it seemed that you did what you wanted to do and followed your heart. Continue posting your story it is inspirational and courageous. One must take time at certain points in his/her life to evaluate themselves, and what may seem scary or unthinkable at that moment may be exactly what is needed. I agree whole heartdly that challenges are placed in front of you in order for you to achieve and develop into a better person. the secret is knowing how to step back and listen and be aware as these challenges as they arise. Sometimes this can be difficult. I wish you well . Cosimo

    • antonia says:

      Hi Cosimo, Your words are very encouraging! Thanks for sharing! You couldn’t have put in better terms, by listening, letting go and really listening, we become of aware of the opportunities that lie behind every challenge we face!

  10. Marie-Pascale Poirier says:

    Antonia , what a pleasure to read you! we think alike but never had the chance or the insight to explore it.
    I live by a few basic principles and the one that keeps me aligned, happy and satisfied is “To thine own self be true”. I wish you the best. I will keep reading you and all the nice replies you got on your site.

  11. michel says:

    You will certainly inspire others in their own journey and maybe enjoy more of this spiritual adventure called life. Have fun and who knows we might drop by Buenos Aires some time to share a nice red bottle with you guys.


  12. Line Pelletier says:

    Wow you made it, I’m impressed by your courage but not surprised. You really are inspiring. I will read you religiously. Whish you all the best in this great big adventure.

  13. vanessa taboada says:

    this blog is amazing , so inspirational ! im sure you heard this over and over but you truly are an amazing person, you never conformed even in an enviroment that promotes just that…you always fought for change and for what you believed. in the short time i knew you you really inspired me and made me want to improve myself, you made me see things in myself that i didnt even know i had ! . i am so glad i met you and most of all that i got to work with you every day. i hope one days our paths will cross again. miss you so much !

  14. Whouhouh- how intense it is for a former employee to finally get the chance to read the deeper part f the soul of a favorite former boss!
    I`m usually good at picking up at others; I have picked at time some kind of sadness or frustration from you, but I could have never guessed that this longing was so deeep. O Elegant and gracefull Antonia.

    Transparency, honesty, openess, sharing are the first steps toward restoration and wholeness. So bravo for such courage!
    Those qualities are not those of “leaders“ still believing that the Way is to lye, hide, manipulate, control….constantly living in such mode come with a heavy price.
    Listening to pain to go access plaisure…
    U said: “ I was not supposed to feel this way, I was supposed to be gratefull“, relating to all the material you once possessed.
    Misery is when we look at the wrong source to bring us joy.
    Material was never meant to be the Source of everlasting joy\satisfaction.
    This philosophy to spend our entire life to get, possess, alll material, is just a plain nasty lie that was built and maintained by those with strong economics interests( cupid merchands). Welcome to freedom!

    U asked: Have u ever felt that way?
    I say: yes. When it was time for me to make steps to move out of my miserable pit, it is like if the “ Universe“ was suddenly on my side, BUT, at the same time, I was experimenting xtremely weird phenomenon…like if some forces were trying to hold me back to where I was. – the good part: I felt like I was on a misty cloud, on a big high waive leading me to the other side of the rive(?shoure), with joy swelling up in me confirming something good was about to happen, and it did happen.

    That`s set for now- good evenig everyone!

  15. Sam says:

    A journey without a destination is indeed a very hard one to take. Usually the first steps are taken alone and met with naysayers ready to discourage. But as we embark our companions start to emerge. And I can see you are already in good company.
    I have been witness to the overwhelming challenges you have already overcome with strength and courage, that have restored my own faith as I continue on my journey through the unknown. You have been an incredible example to keeping our footsteps on the path to enlightenment no matter how difficult it seems to get. Everything does happen for a reason, and I am forever grateful you happen to be my sister. It was painful to watch you leave but i am comforted by this beautiful site you have created and allow me to journey with you in Spirit.
    I have no doubt you will continue to touch the lives of countless others.
    Thank you

  16. Heidi javadi says:

    Dear Antonia,
    You have been my mentor and friend for the past 7 years and now the world has the opportunity to get to know the treasure that is you. You thought me that everything in life really does happen for a reason (boy did I ever have trouble with that one) but you never gave up on me. You showed me how the hurdles we face are actual opportunities and that we just have to look at it the right way.
    You teach but never dictate, you guide but never judge. Your wisdom, humility and savoir faire have helped me gain a special focus I did not know I was seeking. I will continue to work on maintaining the focus on the right things and draw strength from your message.
    Spread your wings my friend and you will continue to inspire and help so many people. You have so much to teach and much to share…this world can only become a better place as a result.
    You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to read more about your beautiful new journey.
    Your biggest fan

    • antonia says:

      Hi Heidi, You will always continue to grow. You gained courage and strength because you opened yourself and let it in. You set out to be a better person, you continuously seek to gain knowledge without being afraid to make mistakes! I know it was hard, but, you overcame it!!! Heidi, share one of the challenges you overcame, you will inspire others!!

  17. Nathaniel Flint says:

    I hope you find peace during your peregrination. A restless soul you seem but with a good heart. Can I be so bold as to offer you a reading suggestion, if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, for the less hectic portion of your travelling? Meditations, from Marcus Aurelius; an enlightening work to say the least.

    Have a good trip pilgrim, we will follow your progression with great interest.


  18. Roberto Di Lemme says:

    Hi Antonia, I am really impressed with your courage and will and I wish you nothing but the greatest experiences in life along your incredible journey. I never knew you to be this way and it is nice to see that we are no so different you and I when it comes to our deeper thoughts and feelings. That is why I would like to hear of your amazing journey as you travel Argentina and hope that it awakens the lion in me to Stay Hungry and Be Foolish. I have been to Argentina many years ago to visit family when I was 13 years old and still remember it very well as an immensely beautiful country and amazing people. Have a wonderful journey Antonia!! I wish you nothing but the greatest experience life can offer.

    • antonia says:

      Hi Roberto, Great to hear that you share the same thoughts! If you are thinking about it, the lion is already awake…lol…looking forward to hearing more, feel free to share more about your thoughts and feelings, I hope that mt stories will continue to encourage you!

      • Roberto Di Lemme says:

        Hi Antonia, It was cool to read about your trek up the mountain near Mendoza because it brought back some memories of when I was there when I was 13 with my parents. Mendoza is a beautiful place with its Andese mountain background and excellent vineyards and I was up 4000 meters in the mountains at the border with Chille and I remeber what a dangerous and trecherous bus ride it was, looking down these cliffs and wondering if the bus was going to make it and as a child it was quite impressionable. I also have family in Buenos Aires and I remember how beautiful that city was and reading your top 12 i remember the small stores and markets when my uncle would take me with him. My uncle is no longer with us however my cousins live in San Martin, so there are a few Di Lemme’s even in Argentina. That’s all you need to know that there are other Di Lemme’s there right?? LOL. Anyway enjoy what you are doing and never be afraid and enjoy the journey ahead.

  19. Veronique Gagne says:

    Follow the adventures of my muse! An inspiration and a wonderful woman who teach me a lot about myself and about life! Antonia I wish you all the happiness in the world! Miss you xxxxxxx

    • antonia says:

      Hi Veronique, Remember, everything you learned is because you believed in yourself and were not afraid to explore new things…I would love if can share some challenges you faced in taking chances that taught you lessons in life…I know you will inspire others..(p.s. you may write it in french…lol)

  20. Nikki says:

    Antonia you truly inspire me! I know you were put on my path for a reason…. You are an inspiration. I cant wait to read more about your journey!

    • antonia says:

      Hi Nikki, It is great to hear ! I would love to hear more about how you have been inspired:) Can you share any change you have made that has made a difference in your life.